Voice Recorder

How do I record?

Tap the big RED tab at the bottom of the app. (The red tab with a white circle). Then tap the Record button in the tape recorder view.

How do I unblock the microphone?

Exit the app, go to the Settings app and then Privacy section.

How do I download recordings to my computer?

In the Settings page go to Wifi Sync or iTunes File Sharing sections and follow the instructions.

Can I record a phone call?

No unfortauntely Apple does not allow apps to record phone calls

How do I rename a recording?

In "tableview" mode swipe a tablerow and tap the pencil icon. In "grid" mode hold your finger down on an icon for 2 seconds and then tap Rename when the menu appears

How do I create a folder?

Pull down on the tableview or grid and tap the + button

How do I trim recording?

WARNING please follow instructions carefully. To trim a recording tap the More action button when viewing a recording in the top right corner. Select the "Trim" option. You next need to select the are you would like to KEEP by dragging the left side and right side of the slider. Tap the play button to preview the trimming. Please note you will not be able to undo the trimming once it has been applied to the original file.

How do I upload files to an online cloud?

Tap the More action button when viewing a recording in the top right corner and then tap "Upload to cloud"